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ROTOR Power 3D+ LT Cranks 30mm axle 545grms(CK-3DPLT-XXX-BCD)

Rotor 3D+ Power LT Chainset 

The Rotor 3D+ Power LT Chainset (No Rings) is the latest development from Rotor. With input from Team Lampre Merida a weight conscious power measurement chainset was created. 

Please Note - Due to high demand please call for availability of 110 BCD - Stock arriving soon.


Using the same drive side arm, spider and spindle as the Rotor 3D+ chainset, therefore only adding 58g of additional weight. Making it perfect for anyone looking to keep weight to a minimum and still be able to measure power.

The Power LT measures power, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness from the left side and transmits the data using a mathematical equation to normalise the power. Put simply you get a power reading that is accurate as it is suggested both legs will push the same power.

The Power LT uses ANT+ technology to transmit data to your chosen device, whether it is your Garmin Edge 1000 bike computer or your ANT+ equipped smartphone. The battery is also easily replaceable meaning you do not have to return the unit every time you need new batteries.

The Power LT comes in two different versions Road 110 and 130 BCD's, this is to accommodate all chainring sizes that Rotor produce. You should check the BCD of the ring size you intend to use before selecting a chainset. Does not include chainrings.

The Power LT can also be used with our ROTOR Power Software,

This software allows the user to:

  • Train at home with a graphic display of power and cadence metrics
  • Filter saved training files to remove anomalies and normalise data
  • Install firmware updates 
  • Re-calibrate the unit

The Rotor Power Software is supplied free of charge as a download once the users crank is registered online.

Bottom Bracket- UBB30

Rotor have developed the UBB30 bottom bracket system to make bottom brackets simple again. It fits everything. The UBB is a concept that encompasses and works with all BB standards, forever eliminating complicated BB/Crank compatibility problems. There is always a UBB crank to fit your bike irrespective of it's BB type.

The actual weight for a 170mm chainset is 545g.


  • Lightweight
  • Developed in conjunction with Team Lampre Merida
  • Measures power, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness
  • ANT+ Technology
  • 110 or 130 BCD
  • 10 or 11 speed compatible

 For Information on how to Install the ROTOR Power crank - See the Video below;

This product has been recently introduced

Crank BCD Options
Crank BCD
3D Power lengths Options
3D Power lengths
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NEW RATIOS Qxl Aero Pair 52/36 Compact QRing 110mm BCD  £185.00 (£154.17+VAT)
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Press fit 30 4630mm converter Steel bearings.  £45.00 (£37.50+VAT)
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Press fit 4130mm BB86 converter Steel bearings.  £45.00 (£37.50+VAT)
BSA/ITA -30mm Ceramic Bottom Bracket.86grm  £139.00 (£115.83+VAT)
BSA 30 Bottom Bracket.90grm(steel)  £45.00 (£37.50+VAT)
BB30 Steel bearings and retainer clip  £15.00 (£12.50+VAT)
BB30 Ceramic bearings and retainer clip  £125.00 (£104.17+VAT)
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